Conference Brochure


PunjabTechnical University (PTU) wasthestablishedon 16January 1997 topromoteTechnical, Managementand Pharmaceuticaleducation in theState.The University has themandate tosetup Centresof Excellence inEmerging Technologies for promoting research anddevelopment throughitsvarious programme underConfederationof Indian Industry (CII).TheUniversity alsohas amissionto provide excellenteducation to the students.

PTUstartedsettingup its Centresof Excellence(Punjab Institutesof Technology) forpromotingquality education and research. To create researchorientedenvironment, the University hasalreadyorganizeda National Conferenceon thesame titlelast year,2011. The research group of the organisersteamis dedicated andhas organisedtwomoreconferences earlier, onthe sametitle,in year2006and 2010,atother locations in India. Keepingupthismission of promoting quality education andresearch,PTUis again goingto organize aninternational conference onAdvancements andFuturisticTrends in Mechanical and MaterialsEngineering,to offer a wealth of resourcesregarding mechanical materialsandprocesses.This conference willincludeinvitedtalks, oralpresentations and poster presentations. Scheduledpresentationswill be from leaders in theirrespective fields fromaround the World.Organizationsparticipating in thisevent includeUniversities/Institutions, researchers/scientists,manufacturers, suppliers and research&development organizations. This conference willprovide opportunitiesforthe delegatesto exchangenewideas and experiencesfacetoface,to establishbusiness or research relations andtofind globalpartners for futurecollaborations to promoteresearch.

Join-in and experiencethree days of premiertechnical conference with ourinternational andnational delegates gatheringto sharetheir vastexperience, knowledge,exchange ideas,discuss thepractical challenges encountered andthe solutionsadopted on Advancements andFuturistic TrendsinMechanicaland Materials Engineering.Thisconferencewill help the faculty membersandyoungengineers/scientists to upgrade their technical expertise and confidence.Moreovertheywill get an opportunityto explorethe workbeingcarriedout in foreign Universitiesand Institutionsalong with requirements ofindustry globally.Learning isa keydriver inprofessionaleducation.This conference willhelp professionalstomanageall aspects of learning and create opportunitiesforthenext generation workforceto developtheirprofessional skills.

Conference Registration

Registration isscheduled toopenon 23 July, 2012.Mark your calendar and plan todayto attend theththconferenceon 5 to 7 October, 2012 organized byPunjabTechnical Universityat its maincampusatJalandhar-Kapurthala Highway, Kapurthala, Punjab, India. Academicians, students, researchers, scientists, manufacturers, suppliersand research & development organizationsfromnational and international level can register for participationinthe conferenceby visiting the websitewww.ptuconferences.comResearch papers submitted inthe conference will bereviewed bytechnical committees ofthe conference. The author(s) of accepted papers will presenttheirpapers atthe conference. Atleast one ofthe authorsof each accepted papermust registerforparticipation in theconference.

Responsibility & VisaRequirements

In registering forthe conference, you agreethatneitherthe organizing committeenortheconference secretariat accept anyliability. Forpeople planning to attend the conference, anentrancevisa may berequired and you should contact the nearest Embassyor Consulate formore information. Participantsarerequested tomaketheir own arrangementsin respect ofhealth and travel insurance. All participants areadvised toarrange international health insurancebefore departurefromtheirhome countries.