US Universities Attract Over a Million International Students

For the first time, the number of foreign students in colleges and universities in the United States has exceeded one million due to a sharp increase in students with a master’s degree in science, engineering and mathematics from India.

China still supplies the largest number of students – 328.5 thousand, or almost a third, but the number of students with a master’s degree from India increased in the 2015-16 academic year by 25 percent and amounted to almost 166 thousand.

23-year-old Nikita Ankem from Nagpur (India) is studying at the University of Pennsylvania for a master’s degree in industrial production. “This is a great opportunity to get an education” – she believes when Nikita returns home and replenishes the labor market.

“A degree from Pennsylvania State University will be appreciated, besides this is a great opportunity to try yourself here, find out about all ins and outs of US hiring process and standards. That’s why I ask for help a professional career coach and use resume template for government job he recommended me. One must do his best to prove himself to win the chance to present himself during the interview. You must present the best resume, the best cover letter, authority referrals, otherwise you don’t have any chance at all. ”

“In India, education is mostly theoretical. “We are very strong in the math sciences,” says Ankem, the web coordinator of the Student Association with a master’s degree from India. “Here we learn to apply our knowledge in the process of analyzing specific cases, in solving problems and participating in group projects.”

Saudi Arabia is slightly ahead of South Korea, moving to third place: the number of students from each of these countries is approximately 61 thousand. Canada is in fifth place with 29 thousand students.

These figures are derived from the 2016 Open Doors report, an annual census conducted by the Institute of International Education in collaboration with the US Department of State. This report was the highlight of the International Education Week, celebrated in hundreds of US campuses by hosting fairs and festivals.

Over the past decade, the number of foreign students has grown by almost half a million. Today, more than a million foreign students study in the United States. No other country has such an influx.

More than half of students earn degrees in engineering, business, math, and computer science. Graduates with higher education in these fields have the opportunity to work in the United States for 29 months before returning to their homeland. Before applying they need to read carefully Federal resume guide: to have a general understanding of the federal recruitment process. Graduates of other specialties can work for 12 months in the United States.

international students at the US university

“Young people in all countries should be encouraged to look for opportunities for exchange programs outside their countries,” says Even Ryan, who is the head of the student exchange program at the US Department of State. “We believe that international education is essential for creating a safer and more tolerant society and the world as a whole.”

Over a million international students study at over 250 US universities. New York University (15,500) and the University of Southern California (13,300) are leading.

Last year, the number of students from China, India, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Iran, Great Britain, Nepal, Nigeria, Kuwait, France, Indonesia, Venezuela, Malaysia, Colombia and Spain increased.

Institute President Ellan Goodman noted that international students “value the quality, diversity, and solid reputation of US educational institutions.” At the same time, they “teach us many things about the world in which we all live. The more opportunities we can provide to representatives of other cultures, … the richer our country and our world will be.”

India is the Second Country which Provides US Students

One out of every two students who come to exchange training in the United States is a resident of India. India has become the second country to source foreign students in the United States with 21,703 Indian students at various universities in America. This is evidenced by the latest official report for the period from March 2017 to March 2018.

The US immigration and customs law enforcement system released the latest statistics, quoted by the Economic Times.

The report said that 50% of foreign students in the United States with M and F visas were either from India or from China. The interest of students from India and China in the United States continues to increase, the report added.

The F-1 USA visa is for non-immigrants intending to come to the USA for language training or academic studies. The USA M-1 visa is intended for those who intend to come to professional or non-academic studies.

Both India and China have seen proportional growth from 1 to 2%. China sent 6,305 students. India provided 2,365 students. It is this level of participation of India and China that makes Asia the most famous continent of origin of foreign US students. 77% of all international students in the USA are from Asia.

Despite a steady increase in students from the 2 most populous countries, there was a slight decrease in the number of students from Asia arriving in the United States. This was due to a reduction in the number of students coming from Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Yemen.


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